Mar 14

The Advantages of Joining a Cooperative

A cooperative is an advantageous system that allows business owners to carry out their businesses much more effectively and efficiently without having to lose their independence. When they join a cooperative, they become members of that cooperative, whose primary job is to work together to nurture the cooperative that they form. A cooperative demonstrates democracy in its purest way because every member has equal vote in making all decisions regarding how their cooperative should operate. Although they are working with one another, each of them is still an individual business owner who can independently run his/her own business. Farmers are among the first group of workers who use cooperative to improve the efficiency of their ventures.

All members of the cooperative share the advantages that this system can provide to them. The biggest advantage that makes cooperative a desirable option for a business establishment is its access to reduced cost for various products that all members need in order to carry out their business. When the price of gasoline skyrocketed, members of some cooperatives only had to pay about $1 to get a gallon of gasoline. A cooperative also enjoys a certain degree of tax exempt status. And because each member has the same vote to decide the course of his/her bigger business, all members are more encouraged to expand their cooperative and to make it a truly working system.

Today, farming is not the only field in which cooperative can be established. Banking, retail business, recreation, transportation, among others, are also fields in which cooperative can work and provide advantages to all businesspersons working in that those fields. Community management is not an exception. If you join Innovia Community Management Cooperative, there are many advantages that you can enjoy, ranging from discounted price to waste hauling cost and remodeling products, among others, to special services and resources that the cooperative can provide to them, which include, but not limited to marketing assistance and management trainings.

Mar 04

Business Trouble: Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

When your roof leaks, you hire a roofer. When you don’t feel well, you visit a doctor. But what do you do when your small business starts to leak profits and you can’t sleep at night as a result?

One of the most common ailments experienced by every business owner at one time or another is tunnel vision. Tunnel vision happens when you become so focused on managing the day-to-day demands of your business that you fail to see the forest through the trees. When this happens, there are many potential pitfalls that can and do occur including lost profits, lost customers, and even business failure.

Fortunately, there is a fast and painless remedy to apply before it’s too late.

A Cure for Business Ailments

Having an objective and outside fresh perspective on what’s going on in your business can not only help to cure what’s wrong, but it can also help to prevent trouble that may be looming around the corner as a result of shifts in the economic environment and changes in the market place or competitive landscape.

This is where the help of an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) comes in. A typical CFO offers years of experience in developing, implementing and managing successful business strategies including growing the bottom line.

Traditionally, CFO-level talent was only available to large corporations that could afford the high salary and expensive benefit packages to secure this level of talent. Today, small businesses can easily access this talent on a part-time basis.

The Doctor is Now On-Call

A part-time CFO provides a small business with on-call access to proven strategic and financial management expertise. For a small business owner, this type of business relationship can be worth its weight in gold. More specifically, the investment in securing CFO expertise is more than returned through increased growth, higher profits and overall time savings. This includes assisting with essential management issues such as improving expense control and managing cash flow, to more complex tasks such as financial modeling and performance deviation analysis.

When seeking the advice of a part-time CFO, look for a firm that offers these and other types of skills specific to your business goals. It also helps when there is an initial no cost consultation option so that you can assess personality fit as well as areas of expertise.

The bottom line is your bottom line. In this regard, having CFO talent on your team is one of the best medicines when it comes to succeeding in business.